Return Agent?

Are you a licensed agent who is interested in Returning to the real estate business?

Perhaps you were a successful agent who left the business to pursue other interests, maybe you decided to give real estate a “break” during a difficult market, or just had a “false start” in the business by choosing the wrong brokerage.

Coldwell Banker is a brand which offers the working environment to make you a professional.  We prepare you to do a good job for your clients, and we provide the support to help you provide customer service which exceeds expectations.  We have the training, tech tools, and marketing support to get you “back to work” and earning commission income quickly.

Not sure if Coldwell Banker is right for you?  Here is a testimonial:

Without the proper training, New Agents and Returning Agents often fail.
Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors offers excellent training for our agents.  Live, in person, classes are held in our training room by our Compliance Broker Rob Marroche.  Multiple sessions are held each week to help new agents learn real estate industry best practices, sales techniques, MLS operation, Zipforms, Docusign, and more.  We have support staff who will help you learn the Free Coldwell Banker tech tools:  Zap, CBx, eMarketing Platform, and more. Finally, Coldwell Banker University offers recorded & live webinars, software training classes, and videos from the Top Sales Trainers in the real estate industry including:  Tom Ferry and many others.  Here is a video:

Here is the undeniable fact when it comes to success in real estate:

The big money is in listing homes. Your primary focus should be on that one thing, and you need to work for the brand that gives you the best identity, most support, fantastic listing presentation materials, and the best marketing for your listings.

If you want to earn more, you need to list more homes.  Period!  If you list more homes, you will have more buyers…  and, you will do many more transactions!

So, how do you list more homes?  It is really very simple…  Join the brokerage that offers the best branding, support, listing materials, and marketing.

Make an appointment to interview with Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors… and take a look at the listing materials we offer to our agents for FREE.

If you are interested in Listing Homes & Making Money in real estate, request a Confidential Meeting  today to discuss the opportunity of joining Coldwell Banker.

Still not sure if Coldwell Banker is the place to re-start your real estate career?

Let’s be honest, you are not effectively working in the real estate business unless you have a Website, Mobile App, Home Value System, and Contact Manager for your clients.  

The parent company of Coldwell Banker bought ZipRealty, so our agents now have the ZipRealty platform (Zap) which is the best in the industry for many reasons.  Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors will provide you with a Website, Mobile App, Home Value System, and Contact Manger for FREE with our “Zap” system.  You’ll be set up and “ready to go” in as little as 7 days from joining our firm.

Fact #1:  IF you have all these tools now, the various vendors are charging you at least $200 per month… which is money you should be spending on prospecting for new clients.

Fact #2:  IF you do NOT have these tools now, and you intend to stay with your current brokerage… it will cost you thousands of dollars in set up expenses and at least $200 per month in fees.

But, either way, the vendors you can hire do not have systems as good as Zap.  And again, we give you Zap with no set up or monthly cost!  Here is a video so you can learn more about the system:

No question about it… You have to “List to Last” in the real estate business.  

Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors offers you tools that will help you get listings in neighborhoods you have never visited before in your life… Yes, you will have the tools to “beat” the Neighborhood Expert that has been farming the area for years!  Our proprietary Listing Presentation is the best in the business, and we also have CBx… a game changer in the real estate industry.

Here is one of the training videos that teaches our agents how to use the CBx system:

At Coldwell Banker – Campbell Realtors, we seek to build your skills and confidence so you have a “success mindset”… then we give you the best tech tools in the industry.  We make it easy for you to do a good job for your clients, and we provide the training, tech tools, & marketing support so you can provide customer service which exceeds expectations.

If we select you to join our brokerage, soon you will be back to closing transactions, earning commission income, and receiving many more referrals from your current and past satisfied clients!
Interested in joining us?  

If so, request a Confidential Meeting today to discuss the opportunity of joining Coldwell Banker and making the next 12 months the beginning of a much more financially rewarding career.

Heather Campbell, President & Co-Owner