Coldwell Banker has upgraded their digital platform and it is a game changer in the real estate industry.  

The platform is based upon the website which has unique features and most importantly “ease of use” which consumers really appreciate.  Buyers can view listings in all the worlds major languages and monetary denominations… yes will translate the listings into the tongue and currency of the buyer!  Navigation of a real estate website has never been easier!

This video illustrates the Coldwell Banker Digital Experience that allows home sellers to “demonstrate” their home using emotion and positive past experiences at the home!  Only Coldwell Banker offers this feature as part of their online digital presentation of home listings.

Virtual Reality is the next level of video and online “open house” technology that will hit the real estate community and is already ready for it!

Coldwell Banker is using their digital platform and social media expertise to highlight the benefits of Smart Home Technology.