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New IOS 9 Issues

  ios 9 “Apple is releasing a new operating system, ios 9, today, 9/16/2015 for iPhones and iPads. The current version of Supra’s eKEY app, version 2.1.0, will not communicate with an iBox BT LE keybox. Instead of doing so, the eKEY will return to the home screen. This issue is specific to the iBox…

Smart Home Technology

nest thermostat

Remember television shows and cartoons that gave us ideas of how we could be living in the future? Those ideas are now reality. The future is here and “Smart Home Technology” is it! The cost of making your home smart: For less than $1,000.00 you can have smart home appliances and other types of smart…

Smart Home Innovation

smart home innovation

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Brings Premier Smart Home Innovation Experts to the 2015 Gathering of Eagles Written by Travis Saxton, vice president of technology For the first time, REAL Trends is coordinating a unique panel specifically themed around smart home automation and technologies that can greatly impact the residential real estate industry. The session, in…

Latest App by Coldwell Banker CBx

CBx app

Coldwell Banker is on the leading edge of technology and here is our latest brainchild. The CBx app! Why do Campbell Realtors agents use CBx? To stand out from the competition: No other real estate company has a tool like CBx No other agent is using science to help price and market listings The all…

Get Reviews Via Social Media

The Coldwell Banker Universal Digital Reputation Series Video #4 Impress With Yelp and LinkedIn! This is our 4th and final video in our Coldwell Banker Digital Reputation Series. If you have ever been skeptical about using social media for increasing business, this video series will enlighten you!

Social Media Top Search Rankings

social media for top search results

This video is #3 in our four part series to help you improve your profile page and power your online reputation! Use Social Media to Propel you to the Top of Search Results! Watch VIDEO #3

Customize Your Social Media Page

video customize profile

The Coldwell Banker University Digital Reputation Series continues. Watch VIDEO #2 Make Your Coldwell Banker Profile Page Stand Out!!! This video is #2 in our four part series to help you improve your profile page and power your online reputation!

Coldwell Banker University Digital Reputation Series

Coldwell Banker University is excited to bring you our “Digital Reputation Series” Learn how to use social media to leverage referrals and leads!! Watch this video from COO Mike Fischer for more information.

Social Media Referral Tip

google referral video

Coldwell Banker University Digital Reputation Series. Learn how to use social media for referrals! Video #1 “The Google Referral”

Apple’s New Products Recently Reviewed For Real Estate

Apple’s new iPhone Products were recently reviewed for real estate by Inman News. Here is the link in case you are thinking of upgrading: