Coldwell Banker TV Advertising 2014

In 2014, we will exponentially build upon that momentum with the release of TWO brand new TV spots that will air on DVR-proof highly buzzworthy national programming. Our media strategy is aimed at exposing these powerful messages to our target market on tent-pole events that live long after they’ve aired on television. We kick off the 2014 campaign by airing our :60 second “Home Sweet Home” spot on the Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26th. The Grammys are consistently one of the most viewed events on television and sets records for the massive amount of conversation it creates on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The same can be said with Hollywood’s biggest night, the Academy Awards; which will feature the unveiling of our second spot of 2014: “Your Home”.

In 2014 we will continue with our partnership with NBC LXTV Open House, which provides us with weekly commercial messages, monthly branded segments as well as a whole dedicated Coldwell Banker episode! In an exciting development, we will not only continue to own ESPN’s baseball tonight, but we’ve convinced the show’s producers to change the name of the segment we are featured on from the “Demo Field” to Coldwell Banker “Home Field Advantage”. 

That is just the beginning! We are extending the power of our relationship with baseball by partnering with Major League Baseball to create a branded content series that brings fans inside the homes and hometowns of some of MLB’s brightest young stars and all-time greats. We’ll also partner once again with NBC’s ‘George to the Rescue’ which will feature custom produced vignettes and more!

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll continue to hone in on all that we’ve learned over the past 7+ years in the digital advertising space to make sure that Coldwell Banker is strategically positioned on the desktop and mobile space to be front and center when the consumer wants to learn about communities or even search for home. You can also rest assured that our presence on the biggest social media platforms will be a significant one as well.

Here’s to 2014. #HomeRocks


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