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Where do YOU want to BE  = Top ?  or  Bottom ???

Source :, Author Dan Smith

TOP Producers have a very Strict Schedule and Follow a ROUTINE,

day in, and day out …

No-Producers don’t, and instead simply “react to situations” as they arise


TOP Producers PRIORITIZE their activities based on the AMOUNT of $$$ income it could bring them

No-Producers do the things they feel like doing…

TOP Producers have very clearly defined goals and dreams and both short-term and long-term plans on how to achieve them

No-Producers are mainly just focused on the next commission check

TOP Producers spend most of their day looking for NEW Business

No-Producers wait for for business to come to them

TOP Producers are highly SKILLED Real Estate Professionals

No-Producers rely only on relationships and others to get deals done


TOP Producers have little to NO FEAR of Rejection or Failure

No-Producers are constantly derailed by FEAR and often get stuck where they are = FROZEN.

TOP Producers have Accountability Plans in place with a Peer, a Manager, or a Coach

No-Producers don’t and usually say “I did my best.”


“To Experience Success you must experience Massive Failure.”

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