Smart Home Innovation

smart home innovation

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Brings Premier Smart Home Innovation

Experts to the 2015 Gathering of Eagles

Written by Travis Saxton, vice president of technology

For the first time, REAL Trends is coordinating a unique panel specifically themed around smart home automation and technologies that can greatly impact the residential real estate industry. The session, in partnership with Coldwell Banker Real Estate, will be moderated by industry technology leader CNET. The panel, “A Smart Look at Home Innovation,” will highlight how emerging technologies will impact the connected home of the future and the expectations of home buyers and sellers.

Smart home innovation is a growing trend in residential real estate. We have written several pieces in TechTouch in the last year covering this topic. From smart refrigerators and connected crock pots to lighting and electrical control, all the way to security systems, these products and devices are connected in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. Read More.


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