Smart Home Technology

Remember television shows and cartoons that gave us ideas of how we could be living in the future? Those ideas are now reality. The future is here and “Smart Home Technology” is it!

nest thermostat

The cost of making your home smart:

For less than $1,000.00 you can have smart home appliances and other types of smart home technologies at your fingertips via smart devices such as an iPhone.

Some of these products have been in existence, but were only made available to the higher end luxury homes. Now homes at various price points are available with smart home technology. For homes that currently do not have it installed, it is affordable and can be done quickly, increasing the value of a home for a seller.

Why is Smart Home Technology important to homebuyers?

More and more buyers are interested in buying homes that are already equipped with smart home technology as it provides security along with convenience. For instance “no more hiding the key to the front door under a mat, leaving the home susceptible to unauthorized entrance. “

Watch the following video for more information about Coldwell Banker’s latest smart home security device, “August Smart Lock”. It takes just 10 minutes to install.

Another great product that is smart and accessible by your phone regardless of where you are (locally) is the NEST thermostat. It is sleek and attractive and a homeowner will save up to 20% on their energy bill by installing this app.

In this video you will discover these and other great smart home products from Coldwell banker.

Coldwell Banker Smart Home Products Increase Home Value and Quality of Life

Now Coldwell Banker agents can provide “Smart Home Products” that no other real estate company offers to their sellers and buyers. This is just more proof of how innovative and technologically advanced Coldwell banker is. We are always thinking about our clients and how we can help to improve the quality of their lives.


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