Testimonial and SUCCESS Story from CBCR Realtor, Erin Robles

“I used the Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors’ 7 Step Certification Listing Presentation today with a client and I got the listing!
The client used to always use an Agent who specializes in Costa Mesa , BUT not now! They were going to ask me for a discount because the other agent was offering one , but I said I won’t discount and I will work hard for them etc….she said I was The complete package , especially with me offering design help . I took her to a local flooring company in HB, I chose her paint, carpet and flooring. I am now setting up the 7 steps of termite inspection and pre market appraisal .
Thank you very much Heather for your your great workshops! ❤️❤️❤️”
-Erin Robles , Realtor
Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors

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