Coldwell Banker National Advertising Program

Update on Coldwell Banker National Advertising Program:


We hope you joined millions of others by tuning in to the Grammys last night to watch the debut of the first of our new television commercials, HomeRocks. Between extensive advance media coverage of the campaign in the days following up to the program and the incredible attention in social media including trending on Twitter, the launch of the 2014 campaign exceeded all expectations. HomeRocks represents a bold departure, and positions Coldwell Banker as changing the conversation yet again in real estate.

This year’s national advertising campaign represents one of numerous key initiatives in 2014 to fulfill our commitment to you of building financial success, leading through innovation, uniting the network, and enhancing our value.

Although a brief letter may provide only limited perspective on all the work being done, we wanted to provide a high-level view of several strategies with the knowledge that additional elements will be pursued during the year.

  • 2014 Media Campaign – In addition to HomeRocks, Coldwell Banker Real Estate will debut a second commercial on one of the most watched programs of the year; the Oscars. Representing an evolution of our recent themes, Tom Selleck will return as our voice with the most poetic message yet in a spot entitled “Your Home.” Between the two distinctly different commercials, our “Blue Carpet” strategy, and other sponsored programming, the innovation and quality of Coldwell Banker and your passion for serving the global customer will be front and center.
  • – The next generation of real estate websites must be created with full appreciation of just how much the online space has changed, with a focus on mobility, video, enhanced content and user experience. Our current platform has served us well with, most recently, a thirty percent increase in leads generated year-over-year and conversion rates approximately double that of real estate portals, yet we are actively in the development process of a completely new website to be launched in the second half of this year.
  • Intranet – This year’s new digital strategy also includes a completely new brand Intranet platform which will be introduced in the fourth quarter. Extensive research and focus on the user will result in an entirely new experience for you and your salespersons.
  • E-Marketing Platform – Although specifics are premature as final agreements have not yet been signed, we intend to introduce an entirely new E-Marketing platform with enhanced features and content accessible to all affiliates in the months to come that will empower agents for greater online productivity.
  • Previews – Anticipate further enhancements to our luxury home program this year, with our current search for a new Coldwell Banker Previews International leader whose charge it will be raise visibility and engagement to confirm our worldwide leadership in the luxury space.

It’s a new year, yet there’s one thing which won’t change in 2014; our confidence in real estate’s best brand and most talented broker owners. On behalf of Coldwell Banker senior leadership, our support team, and professional business consultants, we thank you for your partnership and we look forward to our close collaboration to continue leading this great industry!

Very best regards,

Budge Huskey President and Chief Executive Officer Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

Michael Fischer Chief Operating Officer Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC


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